echo = eco + home 

All of our  cabins and small buildings are designed and built  in-house at our workshop in southwest Scotland. Each building we produce has been ingeniously designed to connect with nature , and with not only its inhabitants in mind , but also our environment.


'echo' , from 'eco | home',  encapsulates  the idea of sending small buildings out into the world in the hope the concept  of small scale, sustainable build   will resonate and touch a wider audience , inspiring others to build small, build smart, and build beautiful. 


Designer and founder Sam Booth brings  ingenuity and a wealth of design experience to each project , along with his imaginative and innovative approach.

Continuing his practice of using  materials and the means of production responsibly and efficiently, Echo  produces elegant, sustainable designs . Our  unique timber panel construction process. was developed for  the  original prototype of the modular Pyramid Bothy,  filmed  for  Channel 4's Amazing Spaces.  After setting up Echo's workshop  near his home in  rural Galloway, Sam  received a  Scottish Edge Award in 2014 for his innovative concept,  and he and his team continue to  design and build a  growing collection  of small, smart, off grid  cabins and buildings, each one with  elegance and sustainability at its heart.  

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Our aim is to promote efficiency and elegance in sustainable, small scale living by creating a series of beautiful and intelligent off-grid buildings.  


Small spaces can be both practical and beautiful , and small buildings  by definition take up less materials and resources to construct . With .   Our  construction process using renewable timber panels and sustainable materials, combined with  renewable energy to power each space , and with skill and imagination showing  that small buildings that simply use less resources  can be joyful, elegant places  to inhabit, we hope that our collection of bespoke, site specific designs will help raise awareness of  an alternative, environmentally responsible  approach to construction, even if only in a small way. 


We design and construct our distinctive, small buildings for a range of clients who share our passion for clever, sustainable solutions.

Many of them share their buildings with visitors, important in helping promote a  sustainable small scale alternative . We know  those who have experienced  our buildings have found off grid , small scale living ,  to be a positive and joyful experience whether as a liberating retreat back to nature or as a lifestyle choice , and we hope that through our buildings , we can  contribute to the conversation about a more sustainable future. 


our process.




Our  creative Echo team have experience across a range of disciplines that include  architectural, interior and product design; timber construction; renewables;  cabinetmaking; metal fabrication; and fine art. We enjoy the challenge of each new site and we also enjoy a highly productive four day week, allowing  each member of the team the time to follow their own creative projects and  passions . Our team includes  DJs, furniture designers, a composer and musician , blacksmith, festival organiser, theatre designer, illustrator and artist. Our workshop buzzes with enthusiasm,  hard  work and music. 



SAM BOOTH                                founder & designer

Laurie Veitch

BA Hons Product Design

Echo Craftsman & Workplace Rep. 

Jenny Booth


BA Production Arts.

Echo's Online Editor   

Marc MacCallie  



Echo Craftsman 

Liam Paterson

DJ & Musician 

Echo Craftsman, 

Ross Smith

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Echo Craftsman

Ian Robinson

B.Eng. Product Design Echo Craftsman,    

William Monk

Festival Organiser 

Echo Craftsman