If you like our approach and want to find out more about how we can work with you, simply get in touch by email or phone us on the number below. We are always interested in new projects; just let us know about your particular requirements and some information about the site  and we will be able to discuss the possibilities we can offer.  

Our imaginative and innovative small buildings are ingeniously designed to comply with BS 3632:2015. This can help with planning in some situations, especially where sustainability and eco credentials are considered important, and where change of use to site a caravan (s) can be applied for.  We can also design to meet planning and building regulations for permanent dwellings.

We can offer a range of design services, including interior and furniture design. We have been responsible for  award winning interiors and a variety of architectural conversions, and  we apply our design experience and  innovative approach to our unique  small buildings. 

Our ability to design and build in-house means we can respond individually to each new site and brief. Every site is unique and each of our buildings is bespoke and site specific. We can explore a variety of forms, all sharing the same high quality of design and construction detailing.

We combine contemporary design with sustainability and  use high quality, high performance materials in the construction of our buildings. Our off grid buildings incorporate renewable energy at their heart.  

If after initial discussions  you are interested in looking at a building design in more detail , we will recommend a site visit for your project.  Experience has shown us that there are often previously unexplored possibilities for a project which can be discovered with a site visit, whether it's the position or orientation of the building on the site, its layout in relation to existing buildings, or how the building will be used. 

When you are happy for us to progress to the design stage,  we would offer to prepare a detailed sketch proposal for your building.  Based on our discussions with you  and on our understanding of the site , we would produce a preliminary design  and a cost estimate for your feedback. Once we had your approval , we would work on the detailed  design and provide a Quotation . The design drawings can be used to support a planning application if required  . Our Planning page offers more ways we can we can help with your project.