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House on Wheels drawing by Sam Booth

Echo  builds on more than thirty years of multidisciplinary design experience including architectural conversions; restaurants and bar interiors; public spaces;  hotels and club;  and furniture and product design, . 


Our buildings are small, but every fixture,  fitting  and connection you find in a larger building  is there, just  concentrated in a smaller space. To create our  practical and elegant small spaces, every construction and  aesthetic detail  is considered and is critical  to its success.   We understand the technicalities of designing and delivering our prefabricated buildings to challenging sites, installing them ready for connection  to any services and supplies. We also understand the importance of the choice of  fixtures and fittings, the finishes and surfaces we touch.  From the ideal site for the building to the furniture and interior details,  we expertly design and manage each small building project 


We design our buildings  to connect with nature , to bring the outside in ,  and we  fill our  spaces with daylight and natural materials .  Whether it's creating  expansive views,   skylights for stargazing or beautifully considered  smaller  windows , we understand how important light and views are to every space.  The  materials  and finishes we use are as natural and sustainable as possible from  the breathable timber panelling to the eco friendly paint we use.

Our ability to design and build in-house means we can respond individually to each new site and brief. Every site is unique and each of our buildings is bespoke and site specific. We can explore a variety of building forms, all sharing the same high quality of design and construction detailing.

We combine contemporary design with sustainable solutions, and  use high quality, high performance materials in the construction of our buildings. Our off-grid buildings have renewable energy at their heart.  


Our details and finishes are tried and tested , and we understand what works in small spaces,  but we also love the opportunity to explore new  materials, fittings and finishes to create a unique build  and interior for each project., applying  our innovative approach to every detail.

Before undertaking a new project we will always visit the proposed site .   There are often previously unexplored possibilities for a project to be discovered; apart from gaining an understanding of the context for the new building,  we design needs to address the unique characteristics of each site  


Our contemporary cabins and small buildings are ingeniously designed to comply with  BS 3632:2015. This is the legal definition of a twin unit mobile home for planning purposes,  and allows us to design practical and elegant small spaces. Planning permission is sought for  for each of  small architectural projects, and this designation is  helpful in some situations.  All  treehouse platforms comply with building regulations.  

torrisdale cafe and shop drawing, Sam Booth
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