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Maggie Savage Profile

Partners Maggie & Sam worked together on a variety of projects as GSA graduates. Maggie now brings her fine art sensibilities along with her design experience  to Echo’s interiors. The influence of her art work, which explores the forms and structures in the built environment, is evident in the interiors’ authentic materials and considered use of colour. 


Maggie's design work as part of collaboration Savage & Booth includes :


 1990 The Pearce Institute, Govan : Theatre space, Govan, Glasgow.


1991 – 1992 Hazelhurst Lodge, Aboyne : Boutique Hotel, design & build 

1992 – 1993 Tollbooth Arts Centre, Kirkcudbright : Reception and café. Design & build 

1993           Glasgow School of Art “Assembly”: Retrospective of the work of Savage and Booth


1994           Collins Gallery, Glasgow. “Designers Habitats”  |   Blueprint Magazine, Tramway, Glasgow “In The Swim”. . 


1995           Glasgow School of Art. “Producing The Goods”.



Glasgow Art Fair Gracefield at the G.A.F.            2005



  Spring. Open Studios, Dumfries & Galloway      -  2014


 Paisley Art Institute Annual Open Exhibition            2006



   Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh S.S.A. Annual Open Exhibition        ,2007



                            Affordable Art Fair, London With Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow             2008



       Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow Christmas Show             2008



 Whitehouse Gallery “Local Heroes”           2009



                     RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow, “Timelines” with TEN         2012


 James Harvey Gallery, London “D&G | Out” , Spring Fling Artists         2014

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