Design and its means of production have aways been a passion of Echo’s founder, Sam Booth, and his  ability as a maker has allowed him to prototype and have control over the production of his designs .Just as his 1999 Oritetsu collection of folded metal furniture (below)  saw each piece created from a single perforated steel sheet, Sam developed a process for  creating buildings  from flat panels.  The original  prototype for his prefabricated building technique  Brockloch Bothy,  was designed around  a modular system based on  easily sourced and economical plywood sheets. In place of plywood, we now use high quality 5x2m panels of cross laminated timber, each element nested , cut out and joined to create  a super strong internal structure with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

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We use high performance, sustainable materials, both inside and out, and  select products and materials which are not only manufactured sustainably, but which are also designed to support  the micro environment of the building. Efficient  and durable, the materials  are chosen for their sustainable credentials, and  each building will ideally have a fully integrated, off grid solution to further enhance its sustainability.  

Our aim is to promote elegance and efficiency in sustainable small scale living. Our innovative and unique small buildings are designed to use resources efficiently, with the minimum of waste, making  both ecological and economic sense.

BUILD SMALL                           BUILD SMART                                 BUILD BEAUTIFUL




Echo’s  buildings take a wide variety of small site-specific forms, including split level cabins, treehouses and roundhouses, all designed to be prefabricated at our workshop and delivered to site, with all fixtures and fittings in place. They are also cleverly designed to meet,  and exceed, the design criteria for BS 3632:2015, the legal definition of a mobile home. This designation  allows us to create imaginative small spaces, and sustainable structures that touch the ground lightly. Most are off grid  and solar powered, and a few are designed as permanent, small dwellings. And of course each one is small, typically with an internal  floor area of 25m2 to 55m2.  Each of our imaginative and innovative designs  offers a sustainable solution, and creates a distinctive and beautiful small building. 






Our cabins and small buildings are all built to order. Each one is entirely designed and built in-house at our workshops, allowing us to keep control of the complete process from design to installation. Our team of skilled and experienced craftspersons  pay close attention to the quality of every detail of the construction, fixtures and finishes.  Building off-site at our workshop is efficient and free from weather holdups. It saves on costly site time and keeps environmental disruption on site  to a minimum. Each small build can be completed in 8-12 weeks, depending on size and complexity.  



Once the design has been finalised, and a set of production drawings issued  the  floor cassettes, wall sections, ring beams, joists and  roof sections are cut out and assembled to create the inner structure, which is then 'wrapped' in thick layers of  natural insulation, sheathing board, and exterior membrane. Windows and doors are fitted and along the way, we  fabricate and fix integrated  lifting points for delivery,  and build steel substructures for floating decks and elevated platforms,. We create bespoke fixtures and furniture, and apply a range of finishes to meet individual specifications. As the build nears completion ,  we make the final  arrangements  for its delivery to site . The building design allows it to be 'split' into  sections  and  be transported by road and sea to its new site.

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We work with hauliers and contractors to ensure each prefabricated building is delivered efficiently and safely to site,  where final installation is undertaken by our team. The building sections are delivered with all fixtures and finishes, and assembled ready for final connections to all supplies and services as required.

From the building design and  planning applications to the build and every detail of the interior design ; and from the groundworks to the final installation on  site; Echo will  manage all aspects of the design and build process in order to deliver each project successfully  for our clients.

Ben Cruachan Delivery - Crane lift
Ben Cruachan Delivery - Crane lift

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IMG_3699 copy

Crete Delivery 2
Crete Delivery 2

Ben Cruachan Delivery - Crane lift
Ben Cruachan Delivery - Crane lift