Our micro buildings are designed with the aim of promoting elegance and efficiency in small scale living. Building small means minimising the use of materials and energy  in each construction; the resources we use, we use efficiently, and with respect. The materials we use  come from sustainable sources and are high performance , contributing to the building's longevity and  efficiency. and ultimately its sustainability   Through promoting thoughtful, considered and joyful buildings, we hope to  inspire those who use them to explore  the possibilities of smaller  scale living, renewables and off grid solutions.




Our building  process borrows from the prefabricated tradition and by building off site, we can construct efficiently in a controlled environment.  Less time spent on site means less environmental disturbance, and materials can be stored carefully in a dry environment, extending their longevity.  Building efficiently, we can increase our levels of production allowing us to construct a small house, complete with all fixtures and fittings in around 10 weeks. We can install it on site ready to be occupied in  a matter of days.

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We build with timber panels , each one  produced  efficiently from  renewable timber sources , and the carbon captured in the timber will be locked in for the lifetime of the building . Our process keeps waste to a minimum and ensures we use valuable resources efficiently - standard board and sheet sizes are the starting point for each building's design. 

Minimal Waste:


The buildings require minimal groundworks which means less disturbance to the site and its environment. Depending on the site conditions we would  use screwpiles or galvanised steel base supports anchored to small concrete pads. Our buildings are designed to touch the ground lightly.

Minimal environmental disturbance :

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Small buildings simply use less energy to heat them up or cool them down. If we can insulate them well and use renewables to boost the heat or cold where it is needed, we will go a long way to keep our carbon footprint down. We use sheep wool or hemp  insulation as it is not only efficient, but also sustainable.  It is also more pleasant for our team to work with than other solid or synthetic insulation products, and that is hugely  important to us . 



Small is beautiful. Intelligently designed small spaces will not only be efficient and a joy to use, but will also benefit the environment. Clever planning and natural finishes in spaces filled with daylight is a formula for a beautiful and healthy indoor environment. Well considered glazing  brings the sunlight and outdoors in, and working with the characteristics of each site to make the most of its natural assets extends the feeling of space without encroaching on the environment.  

Conserving Energy :