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Loch Ken Bothies site plan

We understand how our rather unique buildings fit within the complex Planning system., and we can offer appropriate advice on planning and management  of all aspects of each  project from the start. 


To establish exactly what may or may not be possible on a particular site, it's worth beginning the Planning Application process as early on in the project as possible as Planning Applications take time to be  processed, especially for councils whose resources are stretched . If the site  demands tree or wildlife surveys or other statutory  reports to be undertaken., this will also add to the timescale .


Prefabricated and transported to site, our buildings are designed to conform to, and far exceed, BS:3632:2015 - the legal definition of a mobile home for Planning purposes. This can help with the planning process in some circumstances , and our designs are ideal for rental accommodation where a removable structure, sustainability and a natural aesthetic are particularly desirable  for sites in designated areas., such as AONB.    Each site and design proposal is unique, and whatever the proposal , we would always advise working with your Local Planning Authority (LPA) to ensure the appropriate permissions are granted where needed. 

For land designated as agricultural, for example,  permission for change of use for the land to site a caravan can be applied for.  If the intended use of the building is as your main residence,  you will need planning permission for a permanent  dwelling, regardless  if  whether or not it complies with the  definition of a mobile home .   

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Brock Loch plan copy 2.jpg


Other planning  options may be possible depending on the intended use and the designation of the site , and  meeting the necessary criteria . These include  a Lawful Development Certificate ( England and Wales) or a Certificate of Lawfulness ( Scotland, Northern Ireland  ). If the proposal is for incidental use - an office space , studio etc. - and can  meet the criteria, it may fall under Permitted Development.  Alternatively  a  building with self contained  accommodation within the curtilage of the main house may need an application to site an  ancillary building 

If appropriate, a Pre Planning Application can be useful to get an indication as to whether or not planning may be granted for your project.. It can be submitted without the need for detailed plans, and it can be helpful to establish what conditions  need to be met if  an application is to be successful . This process  will  require a full application subsequently,   so the process may ultimately take longer . 

Each individual UK regional council will have its own Local Plan and policies, and Town and Country Planning Acts differ between England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Here are links to find your LPA online. If your site is in Scotland, you can find  a link at For England or Wales, you can find your LPA and advice at the Planning Portal. The  Northern Ireland  Planning Portal offers advice and links for local  councils . 

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