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 We have expertise in the design and build of  bespoke, site specific cabins. and small buildings  for a wide variety of uses. We specialise in cabins for holiday rental, and have worked with landowners up and down the country to realise  possibilities  for a range of challenging and exceptional sites. Our small buildings have also been commissioned as permanent dwellings,  offices,  visitor hub,  learning centre, and of course garden rooms.       


Cantilevered Cabin Sketch
Red Kite Lodge Dorset

Echo buildings are designed and built to order, and are entirely bespoke, inside and out. Individual costs vary depending on the specification, site conditions, and the  size and complexity of the building, but with some information about your proposal, we will be able to provide you with a guide to the cost of your project.

Details about your outline proposal,  planning status, images and references for your site can all be useful to start the conversation  about possibilities.  If you then would like us to work with you,  we provide a range of pre contract services to help you start the process .

Pre-contract services include an initial site visit to  see the site and its access  first hand. If you decide you would like us to work with you on your project, we can offer a fee proposal for a  design,  and  we can also prepare drawing packages  and submit planning applications if requested. 

Walled Garden Sketch
Cantilevered Cabin Sketch

If you would like to commission a building from us,  we offer a  fixed price contract which would including  all fixtures, fittings, and  finishes for a turn key installation. We would typically coordinate and manage all aspects of the project,  including groundworks, delivery and  final connection; and our team would install the building on site, ready for connection to supplies and services as required. 

Senwick Studio
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