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Your Project

If you have plans for a cabin or small building project, whether domestic or commercial, just email us and we'll be happy to discuss your proposal  and help get your project moving. 


We can help develop a brief for your small building project, whatever its intended use, . We have expertise in sustainable, off grid cabin design as rental properties and can advise on how to enhance your offering, how to accommodate visitors in your chosen demographic, and how to promote your unique project.

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Echo buildings are all designed and built to order and we accommodate a wide range of fixtures, fittings and finishes  for  exteriors and interiors. Individual costs vary depending on the specification, site conditions , and the  size and complexity of the building, but with some information about your proposal, we will be able to provide you with a guide to the cost of your project.

Details about your outline proposal,  planning status, images and references for the site can all be useful to start the conversation  about the possibilities for your project , and if you then would like us to work with you  us,  we provide a range of pre contract services to help you start the process .

Pre contract services include:   site visit to assess the suitability of our buildings for the site  and establish a brief for the project ;  preliminary and detailed design; drawing packages for planning applications; consultation with other relevant consultants; and submission of a planning application if requested . 

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Once a  design is finalised , an estimate for the build and and all necessary permissions are in place,  we would be able agree a  final contract cost   and a build schedule for the project.  The contract cost would include all fixtures, fittings, and  finishes . We would undertake the final installation of the building on site ready for connection to supplies and services as required, and typically  we coordinate and manage all aspects of the project on our clients' behalf,  including groundworks, delivery and  final connections . 

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