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Twoflowers Croft 

Twoflowers is an entirely bespoke, off grid  double vaulted cabin on a small croft looking out over a sea loch in northwest Scotland. Home to a creative couple,  it was designed to accommodate their requirement  for a sustainable  off-grid  house with a separate self contained  office space.  

The house  was imaginatively designed to  meet and exceed BS 3632:2015 criteria  and was delivered to the site  and assembled  from two sections.  It has planning permission as a dwelling.


Larch and corrugate clad, with a twin curved roof, the  cabin  echoes local agricultural buildings. but  under its  spruce lined ,double vaulted ceiling is an open plan interior, with full height windows taking advantage of the stunning views, and filling the space  with daylight,

Three  doors under the covered entrance porch lead to a separate office space  with wood burner;  a compost  toilet with full height window and view of the loch ;  and an L shaped living  space with a a classic Jotul wood burner at its heart.  


On one side of the main space ,  a  fitted  kitchen  with vibrant colour details and  a six burner gas range ; on the other, the sitting room  with direct access to the deck and the croft.  A large picture window makes an ideal dining setting  overlooking the loch.  


A  dressing room and bed platform  sits across the hall  from a  neat bathroom  complete with  a  Sitz bath.

The timber panelled house has been insulated throughout with thick sheep wool insulation, and is double glazed .  It is heated with two wood burners and is powered by an array of twelve 250kw solar panels on the  south side of the building, the panels  supported on a timber structure which forms a balustrade and  log store .


Planning conditions  stipulated  that the corrugate cladding and flue the cabin blends  into the hillside, but from the roadside ,  its little orange doors  provide a clue to a  warm and welcoming  interior .   

Location : Northwest Scotland   

Client : Private 

Year: 2018

Internal area: 42m2

Photos :  Echo

Status : Built 


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