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Dumfries & Galloway 

As well as our cabins and  treehouses,  we build smaller, bespoke projects, such as our customisable Stargazers. This elegant and beautifully detailed Tea House was designed to create a calm contemplative space  that would sit on an elevated deck at the top of the  garden, and be used as a yoga space and studio. 

Each element of the Tea House was hand built at Echo's workshop.  Douglas Fir was chosen for its strength as structural framing. Built with elegant Japanese pegged  timber joints, it also has  an interior  inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. Internal walls lined with pale, poplar timber panels inside timber frames are reminiscent of Shoji screens. Minimal shelving, paper light shades and hand forged  door handles complete the space. 

Entry is through a  sliding door to the rear, and on  warm, sunny days, larger double glazed sliding doors open the full corner of the building to the deck  Underfloor heating; insulated walls, roof and floor; and double glazed windows and doors make the Tea House  a  year round retreat. 

Location :  Galloway

Client :  Private 

Year:  2022

Photos :  Echo

Status : On Site 


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