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Sanna Croft, Argyll

Sanna Hut's modest name belies its contemporary elegance and sophistication. The twenty nine square metre  building epitomises Echo’s mantra: ‘build small, build smart, build beautiful, and demonstrates what is possible  within the constraints of a small building. Its articulate open plan interior is light-filled, with a curated collection of modern classic fittings and furniture concealed within its sculptural form.

Sanna Hut required no foundations, minimising disturbance and disruption on site. A simple galvanised steel sub-structure is anchored to a stone mound on the croft and the two cabin sections were lifted straight onto the steelwork to limit disruption to the surrounding site. A narrow timber and steel 'gangway' leads from the rear of building to a small deck. The cabin and deck were installed in April's driving rain and high winds, heralding the building’s arrival at its new, exposed home by the sea.

Sanna Hut was designed to be transported north to the remote and challenging site at the end of 50 miles of single track road on Scotland’s unspoilt Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the most westerly point on the UK mainland.  Planning permission was granted for the Hut to sit  on Sanna Croft, nestling amongst the tiny township just  200m from the beach; Sanna Bay, with its wild Westerlies and stretches of  beautiful pale sandy beaches was the inspiration for this building’s unique design.

Articulated in three distinct forms, the largest appears as a vessel, amongst stony outcrops, its form reminiscent of a small boat washed up on the foreshore. The larger of two timber clad volumes houses the lounge and bedroom spaces, and is linked to a smaller volume on the opposite side by a glazed connection, its  black cladding receding  between the structures either side.  Three apparently distinct forms 'balance' on the outcrop, evoking flotsam abandoned on the rocks. But the Hut's modest, quirky exterior reveals a beautifully considered, contemporary interior for far travelled visitors who enjoy a little touch of luxury in this remote outpost.


The Hut’s  L-shaped plan creates two independently functioning spaces  with a flickering stove at their heart. Floor to ceiling windows on almost every elevation offer panoramic views and daylight spills into every corner of the open-plan interior;  integral blinds on all windows and doors control solar gain and help regulate the daylight on short  summer nights; shutters and doors naturally ventilate the space. Behind the cladding, breathable sheathing materials, sheep wool insulation, and untreated renewable spruce panelled walls naturally regulate the humidity,  creating a comfortable interior environment. 


From the engineered oak floor to the ceiling lights, each fitting and finish was specified precisely for the interior. Selected fittings  include Anglepoise 1227 wall lights, Kaylen Lights by Zipcode; Hansgrohe kitchen and shower room fittings;  the owners' own furniture includes Innovations 'Zeal' sofa bed, Hay’s CPH 20 table. and a pair of Arne Jacobsen series 7 chairs. 


Each bespoke fixture was designed to maximise the opportunities in the small space and was an integral part of the construction. Each uniquely elegant  and practical  design  detail has been considered to create the most joyful and welcoming  experience for visitors to the Hut, whether the the  birch ply kitchen unit with suspended shelf that floats in front of the window,  daylight shining in above and below; the  king-sized bed, with deep drawers below, nestling comfortingly under the prow’s sloping sides, its slot window offering views of the distant hills; or  the window seats framing the stunning views of the surrounding hills, with space to snuggle close to the stove. 

Location : Sanna, Acharacle    

Client : Sanna Croft 

Year:  2022

Internal area:  29m2

Images  :  Sanna Croft; Echo

Status : Built 

Sanna Hut is available to rent. For more details and availability ,please visit

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