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The Curve
Caerlaverock Estate, Dumfries & Galloway

This elegantly curved cabin is completely off-grid and was designed for Caerlaverock Estate.  Sited  on farmland in south west Scotland, it overlooks the Solway Firth, and is positioned  to take advantage of the panoramic views across the Solway to Criffel summit and along the River Nith, towards Dumfries.  The sunny southwest facade has full height windows  to take in the views and the curve of the building creates a sheltered, private  outdoor space accessed by patio doors. 


A  copper coloured entrance porch recessed into the timber clad wall, leads to the kitchen/dining space.  Turn right into the living room,  and left, via a a small lobby with separate WC, into  a  suite of private spaces with a sliding timber wall between the lobby and bathroom,  and a  second between the bathroom and double bedroom. A discreet space with fold down children's bunk beds creates additional family accommodation.   

With the sliding walls open, the interior  becomes entirely open plan, the curving form of the building creating a sense of  privacy at each end of the space. With one or both walls closed the space becomes a series of private but interconnecting spaces.


Interior fixtures follow the gentle curve of the  cool spruce timber walls,  and a pale lacquered oak engineered floor runs the length of the space, with a neutral  porcelain tiles  creating the setting for the theatrical  freestanding Mode Ellis bath and  shower.   

At the opposite end, the kitchen unit in cool shades of grey SolidCore Formica houses a gas hob, oven, and 12v fridge. In a small lounge, the  wood burner nestles  between floor to ceiling windows 

Coordinating pendant and wall lights in white with timber detail light the interior, and  a series of  six Kaylen Pendant lights by Zipcode hang at intervals parallel  to a  recessed dual curtain track; the lights and sheer curtains follow the curve  of the space  accentuating  its elegant form.   

Location :  Caerlverock Estate, Dumfiries & Galloway   

Client : Caerlverock Wild Cabins 

Year:  2022

Internal area:  34m2

Photos : ECHO

Status : Built 

The Curve is  available to rent . For more details and availability visit

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