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Keilder Water | Ardgour Estate

A collection of even smaller  off -grid bespoke Echo  buildings , the first tiny Stargazer was commissioned by Ardgour Estates as a space where visitors could have a night cap, watch the woodland wildlife and gaze at the stars. It went on to win Channel 4's Shed of the Year 2017.

With solar LEDs  and timber lined interiors, the 2.9m diameter structures  sit off the ground on 'milk stool' legs anchored onto small concrete pads for minimal disturbance to the site.

Northumbrian Water’s site on the banks of Keilder Water is home to  a second Stargazer that sits the edge of the pine forest with a beautiful view across the water and the Northumbrian landscape.


The drawings show  a version of the Stargazer, designed for a writer and has a spiral plan, creating a small space with an elevated view.

Location :  Keilder Water | Ardgour Estate

Client : Northumberland Water | Ardgour Estates

Year: 2016 | 2017

Internal area: 4.5m2

Photos : Echo

Status : Built

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