Interiors & Exteriors


Brockloch Treehouse timber cladding
WAVE cabin Vivix cladding
House on Wheels Cladding detail
Brockloch Bothy Timber Cadding

We specify a range of cladding materials, distinctive combinations such as larch and corrugated tin as used on Brockloch Treehouse and Twoflowers or, for cleaner lines, Western Red Cedar and architectural panels, as used on the Wave Cabin and House on Wheels. We typically use untreated Larch or Cedar for our timber clad buildings, which are durable and stable, and weather beautifully such as  Scotlarch , which is FSC certified and is a naturally durable timber, ideal for external cladding purposes; detailed correctly it will last 30 - 50 years or more; Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar are ideal where clean lines are desired as both are durable and stable, and will last 50 - 100 years or more. We can also specify and detail  a range of innovative finishes such as charred larch and zinc; architectural panels such as Formica's Vivix, as used on the WAVE cabin, and available in a range of colours, or the distinctive Richlite panels made entirely from recycled paper as on our St Andrew's Off Grid Office  


Doors & Windows

House on Wheels Velfac windows
Eco Bothies Velfac Windows
Brockloch Treehouse custom windows
House on Wheels skylight

Maximising daylight  is one of the most important considerations  for any building, and we like to offer clients a variety of glazing options to enhance both the buildings' sustainability and aesthetics. For generous south facing windows and patio doors we use high performance double glazed windows and doors, such as Velfac's whose minimal frame section compliments our elegant buildings. Our unique designs sometimes require a more individual approach and we can build bespoke window solutions such as the Treehouse's  fifty tiny, box framed, double glazed windows. Skylights and larger rooflights are a common feature in our buildings flooding the spaces with light and offering an extra bonus for stargazers.   


Off-Grid Fittings
Brockloch Bothy Dark Skies
Brockloch Bothy Off Grid
Brockloch Bothy integral solar panels

Our off-grid buildings use solar pv panels for power. The integrated panels supply enough power to charge laptops, tablets, phones, lighting, and fridge with 12v sockets. We can install extra solar panels and a 240v inverter for electrical appliances with a heavier electrical load.  We typically use 12v 3w LED, surface mounted lights in ceilings to compliment the simplicity of the spaces, and 12v side lights, but we can convert light fittings for more unusual feature lights, as in Faraway Treehouse. Bottled gas is used for water heaters for showers or baths , and  our hand built kitchens are  designed to house a gas oven, hob, and a 240v fridge. We can also specify sophisticated compost toilets  to keep water usage and sewerage costs to a minimum.  All of our buildings are highly insulated with thick sheep wool or hemp insulation, and they are double glazed; we supply and fit  wood burning stoves ( DEFRA approved where appropriate) to provide extra heat for all year round use. 

Interior Wall Finishes 
two flowers kitchen living 1  web copy_e
StA interior kitchen corner copy web .jp

Pale spruce Nordpan Cross Laminated Timber panels line the buildings' interiors which can be left untreated for a natural finish, or decorated with breathable organic paint finish, such as Earthborn paints,  in a variety of colours. Three layers of solid timber make up the 19mm and 27mm panels which are engineered from sustainably managed sources and imported from Italy. Alternative wall finishes can be specified for shower rooms and kitchenettes. 

Wood Burning Stoves
Brockloch Treehouse Hobbit stove
house on wheels Hobbit Stove
wave cabin Hobbit stove
garden Room Stove

Most of our buildings have wood burning stoves , and our most popular options include Salamander Stoves' tiny 'Hobbit', a traditional style stove which heats our small spaces efficiently, , or  the  larger  DEFRA approved Purefire; Avenay's Frontiere and Traveller stoves offer  quirky alternatives . We can speciify   integral warming plates for boiling a kettle whilst you heat your space and options are available for stoves and flues in a range of colours and finishes , including ivory or duck egg blue enamel  .  Stoves  can be supplied  with Direct Air Intake systems for more efficient burning , and DEFRA compliant Clean Burn Systems.   

 Bespoke Compact  Kitchens
Brockloch Treehouse Bespoke Kitchen
House on Wheels Compact Kitchen
Wave CEA kitchen Fittings

We design and build compact kitchens to compliment our small spaces. Our solid timber cabinets are designed in a range of finishes including custom painted fronts, timber finishes and Formica  laminates. We specify fittings and appliances in consultation with our clients  - to date we have used granite and stainless sinks, ceramic Butler sink, CEA taps from Italy, Baubuche solid beech worktop ,Baumatic's Gas on Glass hob, gas ovens and compact 12v fridges for our off-grid buildings. 

Loch Ken Eco Bothies Kitchen
Wave Cabin Kitchen
Brockloch Bothy Kitchen
Shower Rooms  & Bathrooms
Brockloch Treehouse Bathroom Detail
House on Wheels Shower room

The design of our shower rooms and bathrooms is integral to our small spaces; each is individually designed, and their fittings sourced and  specified in consultation with our clients. Suitable floor, wall finishes and surrounds include  Formica Colour Core, ceramic tiles,  rubber, all available in a wide range of colours and textures. Shower fittings include rain head showers, wall mounted controls, stone shower trays and glass pivot doors. We can specifiy a range of WCs including back to wall or wall mounted styles, and composting toilets; basins in white ceramic or more quirky versions such as the distinctive Kast concrete basins  Vanity units and storage come in a range of sizes, colours and materials and we can design beautiful and clever space saving solutions for small spaces. 

Wave Cabin Baubuche Flooring
House on Wheels, Crete
Tower Garden room Oak floor

We specify from the huge variety of flooring finishes available. Solid timber and engineered timber flooring is popular , but we are also interested insourcing innovative flooring products, which includes a new range from Germany company Pollmeier  - distinctive striated solid beech is manufactured by peeling and laminating thin layers of timber  and  is a available in a range of colours, and was used in the WAVE cabin shown above. We also use rubber, Linoleum or tiles in wet areas, all available in a range of colours and textures, and as always, we are happy to advise.

Brockloch Treehouse  Construction



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