Building Efficiently & Sustainably 

ECHO buildings are constructed off-site, minimising costly site time, disruption and hold ups due to weather stoppages. We use high performance, sustainable materials sourced from across the UK and Europe. Each building is designed to use the materials as efficiently as possible, and we design to keep wastage to a minimum. Highly insulated, with a "breathing" wall construction, our buildings are constructed using innovative, vapour permeable materials, which have been carefully specified to regulate any humidity within the building's structure, and so prolong its life.

Although our buildings do share a common aesthetic and design approach , details for roof , walls and floor will vary to suit variations in form and specified cladding. Below is a typical specification for these elements in one of our small buildings .


Wall Section  

  • 19mm Spruce Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) to the interior wall, with decorative panels in Earthborn breathable, organic paint.  

  • 150mm sheep wool insulation, used for its sustainability and efficiency; it is hygroscopic, absorbing  moisture and regulating the wall cavity 's micro environment. 

  • 15mm high performance, sustainable sheathing board which provides extra protection from wind, absorbs moisture, and is made from renewable raw materials, including waste wood chip.

  • High performance vapour permeable wall membrane.

  • Soft wood battens or fixings as appropriate. 

  • Timber, corrugate or rain screen cladding, as specified.  

  • Velfac double glazed, aluminium and timber framed windows 


Roof Section - various details  

  • 19mm CLT  Spruce Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) to the interior  ceiling 

  • 200mm sheep wool insulation,

  • 15mm sheathing board with High Performance vapour permeable roofing membrane, and timber / corrugate cladding as walls  .

OR for Sedum roofs 

  • 19mm CLT with rubber membrane, sedum roof substrate , sedum layer 

  • Double glazed skylights( optional) 


200mm floor section with steel subframe : 

  • engineered timber flooring .  

  • 19mm CLT 

  • 200mm deep joists at 500mm centres,

  • 200mm sheep wool insulation.

  • 19mm CLT to underside

  • aluminium primer to underside.

  • steel sub frame

  • adjustable steel supports anchored to helical piles/ concrete footings ( as appropriate to site conditions).


Cladding can be specified  to suit  each individual building and its context.  We can offer a selection of innovative and traditional cladding materials and finishes, and typically specify untreated timber cladding including Scot Larch, Siberian Larch and Red Cedar chosen for their strength and durability. We can also specify panel cladding including corrugate, Richlite, and a variety of other innovative architectural cladding and rainscreen products available,  in  a variety of colours and finishes. Read more...


We design and build a variety of beautiful fixtures to compliment our small buildings, including bespoke kitchenettes, shelving, concealed storage, window seats and beds, and specify fittings to suit. Our interiors are lined with pale spruce Cross Laminated Timber panels, with decorative  finishes as specified. A variety of  floor finishes including engineered timber flooring, ceramic tiles and linoleums in a variety of  colours, are available.  Read More...    

Brockloch Treehouse under construction off site 

WAVE Eco Cabin Interior

Exteriors & Interiors

A selection of our interior fixtures and fittings including off grid fittings, hand built kitchens, shower rooms; finishes  for interior wallsand floooring; and exterior cladding.